Temperature-sensitive Mt.Fuji tumbler Tall
Temperature-sensitive Mt.Fuji tumbler Tall
Temperature-sensitive Mt.Fuji tumbler Tall


Temperature-sensitive Mt.Fuji tumbler Tall

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“The colour of Mt Fuji gradually changes into pink, so does my mood.”

True colour of Mountain Fuji will appear after it meets cold liquid. The material of stainless steel could transfer temperature quicker than normal cups, therefore intensifying the flavours. It is being manufactured in one of the most famous city for metal processing in Japan.

Why we love this product/

  • A playful item that you could use every single day
  • Stainless steel transfer temperature quickly and effectively, therefore intensifying the taste of drinks
  • Manufactured by Yokoyama, a company from Tsubame city, which is one of the most famous city in Japan for metal processing. The city  has more than 100 years history as a metal processing city, thus has many experienced artisans with sophisticated technique.

Manufacturer/ よこやま

Country of origin/  Tsubame city, Japan

Material/ 18-8 stainless steel

Size/ Φ75×103mm

Capacity/ 300 ml

Shipping/ ard 2-3 weeks


  • It is recommended to wash the product thoroughly after consuming drinks which would easily cause stains such as coffee and tea
  • Drinks with acid might undermine the durability of the product
  • If the room temperature is lower than 20℃, the pattern might be less visible
  • The pattern might wear off with long-term use

*Imported directly from Japan and transported by air

*Good for gift *Japanese gift *Japanese luxury

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