Classic Tin Tumbler
Classic Tin Tumbler
Classic Tin Tumbler
Classic Tin Tumbler
Classic Tin Tumbler
Classic Tin Tumbler
Classic Tin Tumbler

Osaka Suzuki

Classic Tin Tumbler

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“You will be amazed by the difference in taste.”

“Although its metal finish, you could feel the warmness of craftsmanship from their special tin surface.”


Why we love this product/

  • Tin could absorbing impurities and enhance the taste of liquor and water
  • A extravagant material but worth investing — high practicality and durability
  • About 70% of tinwares from Japan are being produced from this company
  • Optional name engraving service at the bottom of the product^ 

Tin has the effect of absorbing impurities and purifying water, therefore affecting the smoothness of the liquid inside the tinware. The effect is especially stronger for sake and beer. Also, it transfers heat and cold 50 times faster than pottery. With these two features, users would feel the obvious difference in the smoothness and taste of the drinks.

Tinware is an investment, but it's high practicality and durability makes it worth it. Pewter is a metal that does not easily rust and cause discoloration. Therefore, it could last for a very long time. All the manufactured tin products from this brand have passed various examinations under the guidance of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and can be used safely and safely.

Osaka Suzuki was founded in 1949. Since then, they have been accumulating their experiences in manufacturing tinware. They value not only the traditional manufacturing technique, but also the spirit of innovation and creativity. They believe that traditional craftsmanship has to adapt to modern daily uses, therefore they keep on experimenting with new forms and usage without sacrificing the quality of craftsmanship. It is also worth mentioning that it is very uncommon in the industry to have more than half of their workers aging between 20-39 years old. Their effort in inheriting craftsmanship to the next generation is unquestionable. 

This brand is honoured to present gifts for all world leaders at the G20 Osaka Summit in 2019.


Manufacturer/ Osaka Suzuki

Country of origin/ Osaka, Japan

Technique/ Osaka Naniwa Pewter Ware

Material/ With tin and paulownia box

Size(cm)/ φ7.0*H10.0(M), φ6.8*H13.0(L)

Capacity(ml)/ 280(M), 330(L)

Shipping/ ard 3-4 weeks


^Name engraving service is being charged by letter, please include the following item in your shopping cart when checkout:

*All items are made by hand and therefore each pieces might differ slightly from the pictures.

*Please understand that artisans take time to manufacture products.

*Imported directly from Japan and transported by air

©️ Osaka Suzuki

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