Burning wood sound gel candle
Burning wood sound gel candle
Burning wood sound gel candle


Burning wood sound gel candle

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"The sound of burning wood calms my mind at night."

This candle takes you to the forest with the sound of burning wood and a natural scent. When the wooden core is litted, the wood crackling sounds emerges. The candle has various natural scents, which is made by 100% essential oil from plants.


Scent/ Osmanthus 

A scented candle that captures the sweet and refreshing scent of Osmanthus. An original blend of ylang-ylang and lemon with the rare natural essential oil of Osmanthus. It is a very popular scent, and it is highly recommended as a gift.


Scent/ Rose

An enchantingly sweet and elegant scent that uses rare and genuine rose essential oil luxuriously. This scent is recommended not only for those who likes the scent of roses, but also for those who like the scent of flowers.

Scent/ White tea

It is scented with the essential oil of white tea, which has an enchantingly gentle sweetness. The scent is perfect for the scenery of the sky and stars.


Manufacturer/ nicori/ニコリ

Country of origin/ Japan

Material/ Medicine bottle, gel wax, flower material, essential oil, wood core

Size(cm)/  φ5.5×11.5cm (S), φ6.5 × 13.5cm (L)

Burning time(hours)/ About 30h (S), 60h(L)

Shipping/ ard 2-3 weeks

*Only natural essential oils are used in this candle. The scent will differ slightly from the top, middle and base over a long period of time. Please enjoy the change in scent.

*The arrangement of decorative plants in the gel candles is made in the same way as possible, but since all are done by hand, slight individual differences may occur. Thank you for your understanding.

*There might be bubbles and small scratches in the bottle which are inevitable during manufacturing.

*The gel may become turbid over a long period of time, but it does not affect its performance.