About Us

Underneath the table - Founders

All products are being carefully selected under strict criteria by professionals with different backgrounds. One of Co-founders is a Japanese who worked in publishing industry in Japan and came to Hong Kong with a strong passion of business. Another Co-founder is a Hong Kong native, who is a design professional with a strong sense of aesthetics and creativity, gained from international award-winning design companies.

Both of them studied at the University of Hong Kong, Master of Business Administration. With a strong passion to reveal the unnoticed aspect of Japan and serve as a bridge between Japan, Hong Kong, and the rest of the world, she started the Table of Finest.


Above the table - Our concept

Sommeliers strive to pick the best wines for their customers. Similarly, we are highly selective in bringing the Finest Japanese items to the table. We proudly regard ourselves as “和” Sommeliers, in which “和” in Japanese means “Japan” but also the beauty of Japanese culture — peacefulness and harmony.

On this table, we only place items that we truly love. We are particularly cautious in the quality as well as the quantity, therefore only a small amount of items would be included in our collection every time. Being a professional in the field of Japanese products, we differentiate ourselves in finding premium hidden gems on the market. The spectrum of products we introduce are vast and unpredicted. As long as we find a particular product worth more attention, we would bring it to the table.

Our name, “Table of Finest”, is derived from our passion to introduce sophisticated Japanese items and the culture of “和” to the rest of the world. Stand close to our table as we share exciting findings continually.