Izumo Clear (Cup)


Izumo Clear (Cup)

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“It’s simplicity highlights the beauty of drinks”


Why we love this product/

  • Glass with unusual texture
  • Transparent dish that highlights the beauty of the drinks
  • Award-winning artisans who keep experimenting glasswares

Each glassware by Glass Studio Izumo is meticulously hand blown. With the technique of blown glass, artisan adds her own style by blowing subtle bubbles and creating textured strokes into the glassware. This adds a lot of character into such a simple and  transparent product.

It is minimal and simple yet with an unusual style. A transparent dish that does not steal people’s attention from the food but still has its own character. 

Glass Studio Izumo was founded in 2016 by a couple, Masaki Kawanabe and Kaori Kawanabe in Izumo City. Both of them are glass artists, both work with the blown glass technique but pursue very different styles. They believe glassware has so many more possibilities yet to be discovered, and they wish to show it to the world.

Manufacturer/ ガラス工房Izumo

Country of origin/ Shimane prefecture

Technique/ Blown glass

Material/ Glass

Size(cm)/ W3.94 * D3.94 * H3.74 in.(Φ10.0*H9.5cm)

Weight/ 0.76 lbs(345g)

Capacity/ 10.14 oz(300ml)

Shipping/ ard 4 weeks

*Please be noted, as the products are handmade, each item is unique, and may also require some time to deliver.

*This is not a heat-resistant glass.

*Imported directly from Japan and transported by air

*Electronic Equipment:

Microwave oven/ X
Dishwashing machine / X
Direct fire/ X
Induction heating stove/ X
Oven/ X

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