illusory Hourglass. LED light
illusory Hourglass. LED light


illusory Hourglass. LED light

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"The gentle light penetrates through the white sand and time seems to pass away slower.”

A 15 minutes sand timer with a timeless design. With the light shining from the bottom, every grain of sand that slips away becomes crystal clear. As you stare closely at the pile of sand, 15 minutes might pass away unconsciously.

Why we love this product/

  • Built-in LED light that highlights the passage of time
  • Count the last 15 mins before your bedtime with a gentle line of light
  • A Japanese design that leveraging science and innovative ideas

The gentle yellowish light shines from the natural wood stand below. The lighting effect changes as the time passes — the light grows fainter and softer as the sand piles up. If you remove the timer from the base, you can use it as a regular hourglass.

Bedtime is always being delayed after the invention of smartphones. Placing this hourglass next to your bed could not only relax your mind with the gentle lighting effect, but also to remind yourself to use your phone for the last 15 minutes. The hourglass is especially gorgeous when being placed in the dark. 

Fun Science(ファンサイエンス)is brand by Chatani(茶谷産業)whose headquater is located in Osaka. Fun Science produces interesting items using scientific ideas. Their products are basically interior design items, but they make them more unique and different from other companies’ products by leveraging science and innovative ideas. We regard design and creativity as important as the skills of artisan. It is a piece of decoration that could withstand the test of time with its timeless design. The shape of the hourglass is classic, sharp and clear. The colour of the natural wood that sits below is suitable for all settings. 


Manufacturer/ 茶谷産業/ファンサイエンス

Imported from/ Japan

Material/ Glass, natural wood

Size(cm)/ H5.5cm, W7.5cm, length of cable: 138cm

Shipping/ ard 3-4 weeks

*This product is made by hand, so the time might not be accurate. It could act as a reference but we do not recommend using it as a precise time measurement.

*Black grains are generated during the manufacturing process and it is inevitable. A tiny amount of it could be seen in the sand, please understand beforehand.

*This item is imported from Japan. Users could use either the USB charger or use a power adapter to change to a different voltage.

*All items are made by hand and therefore each pieces might differ slightly from the pictures.

*Please understand that artisans take time to manufacture products.

*Imported directly from Japan and transported by air

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