Awaglass Bubble Timer
Awaglass Bubble Timer
Awaglass Bubble Timer


Awaglass Bubble Timer

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“You could never catch time. Sometimes it goes quickly, sometimes it goes slowly. So do the bubbles in this awaglass.”

“Awaglass invites you to watch time pass in translucent form.”

Why we love this product/

  • It is run by bubbles

It is not run by sand, but in bubbles instead. Therefore, instead of going down, as the time goes by the bubbles are actually going in an upward direction. You can see various kinds of bubbles floating, such as big one, small one, slow one, continuous ones, etc. 

  • Time is not accurate

This is not a tool to measure time but to enjoy time. Awaglass could not measure time, as bubbles are much more ambiguous than sand . Sometimes it takes a few seconds, sometimes it's a few minutes. It could be a fun piece to play with during your daily life, where you could let Awaglass decide the time duration of different tasks. 

  • Japanese designer that creates products between art and design

Norihiko Terayama is a product designer, yet his products are not designed for ease of use. They are often based on small insights that people have overlooked. His work is somewhere between art and design which inspires people from daily objects.

Manufacturer/ スタジオノート

Country of origin/ Japan

Material/ Glass, soap water

Size(cm)/ H150mm, φ60mm

Shipping/ ard 3-4 weeks

*Please note that the color will change to milky white if used in direct sunlight, high temperature, or low temperature.

*Glass products are easy to break if they are scratched. Please handle the product in such a way that it does not collide with other glass or hard objects.

*If you wash the product with strong force, it may break and cause unexpected injury. Wipe it gently with a wet towel.

*All items are made by hand and therefore each pieces might differ slightly from the pictures.

*Please understand that artisans take time to manufacture products.

*Imported directly from Japan and transported by air

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