“Tin” cup that changes your life in sake and all other drinks.

Have you drunken Sake with a tin cup? If you have not, you still have plenty of rooms to enhance your Sake life. Tin cup looks beautiful with its silver and has a sophisticated atmosphere. Based on Japanese culture, Japanese people regard appearance as one of the important factors to enjoy food & drink. However, the appearance is not only the tin cup’s role to make Sake more tasty.


Tin can transfer heat efficiently. Therefore, when we pour cold Sake into a tin cup, we feel it cooler, and when we pour hot Sake, we feel it hotter as well. This thermal conductivity makes Sake much more tasty. Tin cup also makes Sake refreshing since tin can remove some ingredients that cause bitterness or odd taste. Tin has the effect of absorbing impurities and purifying water, therefore affecting the smoothness of the liquid inside the tinware. When you try a spicy type of Sake with a tin cup, you will realize the difference more.

Japanese tin tumbler for other cold drinks such as beer and whiskey with soda works perfectly as well. If you do not drink alcohol, we highly recommend you try with coffee or tea. Tin products can enhance every drink's life.

This time, we have tin cups and tumblers in our first collection. We found Osaka Suzuki, which is one of the most prestigious tin manufacturers from Osaka. They adopted “Osaka Naniwa Suzuki”, which is a traditional technique to process tin and has more than 300 years of history. This manufacturer makes each tin product by hand. Their product is not a mass production item. Therefore, we can feel the warmth and passion of craftsmen as well. You must try drinks with tin products. We assure you that you realize the big difference.


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