Nagomiya - Japanese co-founder’s favourite restaurant in HK

There are many Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong, which is good for me since I do not miss Japan at least in terms of food. I really often go to Japanese restaurants, and among all the restaurants I visited, I have one restaurant I repeatedly go to in Causeway Bay.

The restaurant is called Nagomiya/和屋. We can enjoy drinking and eating at a reasonable price. Actually this is one of the restaurants I really love for a few reasons.

First of all, the atmosphere is really Japanese. Unfortunately I have only a photo of the entrance here, so I want you to see and feel it in person. The inside is Izakaya style, which is a casual restaurant specializing in drinking with good foods. The staff who are really kind and polite will welcome you.

Secondly, the food is amazing. When you think of Japanese food, you might come up with Sushi. On the other hand, Japan still has other foods we tend to eat with alcohol. 

The last time I went there, we started with beer and Umezuisyo/梅水晶, which was shark’s cartilage mixed with plum. The flavour of plum and crunchiness are perfect match with alcohol. We also ordered Toriwasa/鳥わさ, which is Sashimi of chicken (raw chicken) with Wasabi. Nagomiya has special sauce for this. You should try this as well.

After the appetizer, we also ordered 焼き鳥/Yakitori. I personally like the heart of chicken, which is actually good for health. It is nutritious and has rich Vitamin A & B and high quality of protein.

Afterwards, we just kept drinking. Nagomiya has many kinds of Sake. I recommend to drink 久保田 千寿/Kubota Senzyu. This is a famous one that Japanese Sake lover tend to choose. If you go there with your friends, you also can order 吉乃川 純米大吟醸. You should enjoy this high grade (純米大吟醸) of Sake with drinking fellows.


Nagomiya has other typical Japanese food such as Oden, fried fish, Soba etc. Please enjoy the Japanese restaurant I love.


Their Instagram account if you are interested:

Nagomiya IG: @nagomiyahk

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