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Sake Trip in Yamagata, Japan

Yamagata Prefecture in Japan where one of our founders is originally from is an undiscovered diamond stone. It is in the countryside but it takes only 150 minutes from Tokyo and more than 30 destinations in Yamagata Prefecture are listed on Michelin Green Guide. Table of Finest has partnered with "Story of Sake", which offers tailor-made travel packages focusing on sake breweries' visits in Yamagata, in order to promote Yamagata & Sake culture more to the world. Detail of Service Story of Sake provides customized travel packages based on the below basic plan (two nights and three days). [Contents] Go deep in sake - sake glass made of pottery, sake testing sessions with Sake brewer), sake dinner, and more! More...

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Fish Udon is healthier than normal udon

Fish udon is getting more paid attention to in Japan. This is still udon but healthier than normal udon. Low calories, high protein, and DHA are key word for this udon. Please check the detail of fish udon from this PDF.

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Premium Sea Urchin & Its Butter

Do you know "Sea Urchin Ranch"? This is not just aquaculture. Our supplier is only the company that has "Sea Urchin Ranch" that gives high quality and stable supply of Sea Urchin with FSSC 22000 certified factory. The supplier has unique products such as Sea Urchin Butter as well. Please check the detail on the slides attached here. The Detail is HERE

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Beefar’s - 4% of the miracle beef

The tag line “4% of miracle beef” attracted me and my other co-founder, and we decided to have this miracle beef at Beefar’s in TST. The beef this restaurant provides comes from 鹿児島/Kagoshima, which is known as the second most southern prefecture. The beef is called  薩摩牛/Satsuma Gyu, which is getting popular among beef lovers in JP...

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