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Luxurious bar experience at home

Written by Yuta Shirahata 白幡雄大   There are many good liquors being imported from Japan. Among such Japanese liquors, there are luxury ones that cost 500 ~ 1,000HKD. Of course, such luxury liquors are awesome in flavour, but you should know that there are other ways to enjoy luxury taste. In fact, I highly recommend you to try out affordable liquors with good drinkwares. For example, tin tumblers in which tin could absorb impurities and enhance the taste of liquor.     Speaking of affordable beers, I have a personal recommendation in mind. If you go to Don Don Donki marketplace, beer brands like Asahi, Kirin, and Sapporo might come to your mind, but there is a hidden gem - Santory.   Santory’s premium malts...

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Arita ware: JP people have meals with eyes

  In 2013, Unesco registered Japanese food culture: Washoku(和食)as a world cultural heritage. We are proud of Japanese food, but pottery plays an important role in it. Japanese people say “We eat Japanese food with our eyes”. Of course, food itself is important, but the shape, color and pattern of the plate makes food on the plate look more delicious. Do you know how many kinds of pottery Japan has? Actually, it is 31, which the Japanese government regards as Japanese traditional pottery. The history of Japanese pottery is so long. Back to the origin, primary earthenware made 10,000 years ago was found. Through this long history, Japan developed a lot of techniques for pottery.   We would like to...

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Underneath the table — Who are we

Sommeliers strive to pick the best wines for their customers. Similarly, we are highly selective in bringing the Finest Japanese items to the table. All products are being carefully selected under strict criteria by two professionals with different backgrounds. One of the co-founder is from Japan, with more than 7 years of experience in Japan's leading information media and is familiar with all genres of Japanese products. Another co-founder is a Hong Kong native, who is a design professional with a strong sense of aesthetics and creativity, gained from international award-winning design companies.

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