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Tips to understand all Sake Grades: What is Junmai Daiginjo (純米大吟醸)?

Dassai (獺祭), Dewazaku (出羽桜), Juyondai (十四代)...... There are thousands of Sake, and many amazing ones which are waiting for us to discover. However, it makes us confused when we buy Sake as well. In fact, Sake could be completely different, which depends on many factors such as the percentage of rice that is polished and whether it is made of only rice, which affects the taste. If I explain all of them now, I can write a book. Therefore in this article, I would like to share one of the tips by which you can understand better of Sake’s grades.

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Tatenokawa: the master in the highest grade of Sake

Written by Yuta Shirahata 白幡雄大 My hometown, 山形 (Yamagata), is famous for Sake and it has many famous Sake manufacturers such as 出羽桜 (Dewazakura). Yamagata has a beautiful nature, and manufacturers can get high quality ingredients for Sake such as water and rice. Raising up in a heaven of sake, I would like to introduce one of my favourite Sake brand, 楯の川 (Tatenokawa). This manufacturer is located in the northern part of Yamagata, which is the centre for producing rice in Japan. They has produced Sake since 1832. Sake has several grades based on many factors, such as 純米大吟醸 (Junmai Daiginjo), 純米吟醸 (Junmai Ginjo), 本醸造酒 (Honjozo), etc. Basically Junmai Daiginjo is the best grade, and Tatenokawa in fact produce only this type of sake. It is imaginable...

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Japanese wisdom - healthy drinks that you need to know

Written by Yuta Shirahata 白幡雄大   As you may know, “Don Don Donki” is a shop from Japan, which has so many Japanese products. In this article, I would like to share my recommendation of healthy drinks available in Donki which could be lifesaving in your hectic daily life. First of all, I would like to share “Body healthy tea W (からだすこやか茶W)”. Delicious food are often made of sugar and fat, but sometimes it would increase our weight and cause health risks if you have too much. This “Body healthy tea W” suppresses and absorbs sugar and fat, so if you want to keep your body fit its really helpful. Also, it prevents you from feeling sleepy after lunch. In fact,...

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Eternal VIP discount [Special Offer by the end of April]

For the new visitors. We are a high-end Japanese select shop which focus on rare and unique drink ware, sake and lifestyle design products.On this table, we only place items that we truly love. We are particularly cautious in the quality as well as the quantity, therefore only a small amount of items would be included in our collection every time. Being a professional in the field of Japanese products, we differentiate ourselves in finding premium hidden gems on the market. It is our vision to gather a group of people who values quality of life and lifestyles like us. This time, we are offering a permanent VIP discount of 5% off to the first 50 customers who purchase any products...

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What is HANAMI? An activity that every Japanese enjoy during Sakura season

by Yuta Shirahata From the end of March to April marks the Sakura (cherry blossoms) season in Japan. Japanese people love to hold HANAMI, which is an outdoor party where people enjoy having delicious meals and drinks while looking at Sakura. Japanese people tend to be shy compared with people from other country’s people, but in Hanami, Japanese people become more active and get drunk a lot. When I was a freshman in a company, my first job was to secure the place of Hanami for my colleagues and bosses. In the current younger generation and even my generation, it is already not common to do so, but 20 years ago, it was common and so many freshmen competed with...

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