Eternal VIP discount [Special Offer by the end of April]

For the new visitors. We are a high-end Japanese select shop which focus on rare and unique drink ware, sake and lifestyle design products.

On this table, we only place items that we truly love. We are particularly cautious in the quality as well as the quantity, therefore only a small amount of items would be included in our collection every time. Being a professional in the field of Japanese products, we differentiate ourselves in finding premium hidden gems on the market. 

It is our vision to gather a group of people who values quality of life and lifestyles like us. This time, we are offering a permanent VIP discount of 5% off to the first 50 customers who purchase any products from now on till the end of April. This offer could be used in any next purchases and for an unlimited of time. We will also offer the same discount to our previous customers in order to show our gratitude. In the near future, we will continue to search for high-quality and rare products and share on this table. Stay tuned and be surprised.




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