Kageno Tori - The JP restaurant founded by Mirror & Error members

I came from Japan, but I know how popular Mirror in Hong Kong nowadays. I also personally like Fat boy from Error actually. Then, suddenly I heard that there was a restaurant founded by AK & Jer from Mirror and my idol, Fat boy. Moreover, it is a Japanese restaurant that has their original Sake, so I could not stop myself from going there and trying it.

Their original Sake is called 影の鳥/Kageno Tori, which is also their restaurant’s name. The spec is below.

-Name: 影の鳥/Kageno Tori

-Volume: 720ml

-Price: 600HKD

-Manufacturer: 寒紅梅酒造 (from 三重県)

-Category: 純米大吟醸/Junmai Daiginjo

-Rice polishing rate: 50%

As you may know, this category, 純米大吟醸, is the best grade. We can understand how founders pursued great quality Sake from this high grade and also from the rice & the manufacturer.

At first, this sake is made of 雄町/Omach, which is a special rice for Sake. Actually this is well known as the phantom gem rice among Sake lovers since this rice is quite difficult to cultivate yet the taste of Sake is amazing.

Also, the manufacturer is unique. This manufacturer was founded in 1854 and has a long history. They sometimes collaborate even with a university to produce Sake. They are famous for palm wine as well.

The most important thing is the taste of Sake. Of course, it was great. It has a dry taste but I could feel the sweetness based on the rice flavor at the same time. I would say this is really well balanced sake since I can imagine that both Sake lovers and casual drinkers like this taste.

 Lastly I also would like to mention two amazing meals. The first one is their Duck Breast and Vegetables Pot. The ingredients are of course great, but especially the soup was……I do not know how to describe it. I would say it is one of the best soups for hot pot even from a Japanese perspective.

The second one is the Japanese-Style Sweet Tomato Salad, which basically is a tomato with their special sauce. This looks really simple, but the sweetness of the tomato and a bit of the salty sauce create a wonderful combination. The ability to make a simple meal such amazing shows how sophisticated this restaurant is. 

Whatever you are a fan of Mirror, Error, or Sake, you should try this restaurant!

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