Arita ware: JP people have meals with eyes


In 2013, Unesco registered Japanese food culture: Washoku(和食)as a world cultural heritage. We are proud of Japanese food, but pottery plays an important role in it. Japanese people say “We eat Japanese food with our eyes”. Of course, food itself is important, but the shape, color and pattern of the plate makes food on the plate look more delicious.

Do you know how many kinds of pottery Japan has? Actually, it is 31, which the Japanese government regards as Japanese traditional pottery. The history of Japanese pottery is so long. Back to the origin, primary earthenware made 10,000 years ago was found. Through this long history, Japan developed a lot of techniques for pottery.


We would like to introduce “Arita ware” among them. Arita is the town's name in Saga prefecture. Arita ware has more than 400 years of history. Arita ware is light, hard and durable, and features a beautiful white color that was used to be praised as "white gold" by European aristocrats. Its smooth surface is ideal for painting. A lot of pieces are dyed in indigo or painted with vivid colors, giving them a prestigious and elegant appearance.

These are traditional products, but craftsmen still keep enhancing them in a modern way. This time, we found amazing quality and design of “Arita ware” and “Kyoto-Kiyomizu ware”, which is in our collection. We really want many people to know about these pottery qualities. Why don’t you use these finest pottery for your 2022?



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