Beefar’s - 4% of the miracle beef


Written by Yuta Shirahata 白幡雄大

The tag line “4% of miracle beef” attracted me and my other co-founder, and we decided to have this miracle beef at Beefar’s in TST.

The beef this restaurant provides comes from 鹿児島/Kagoshima, which is known as the second most southern prefecture. The beef is called  薩摩牛/Satsuma Gyu, which is getting popular among beef lovers in JP. The reason behind is that 薩摩牛/Satsuma Gyu won the Japan Wagyu competition in 2017. Only limited number of farmers are allowed to raise 薩摩牛/Satsuma Gyu. They really take care of their feed, environment, and health conditions, which make good quality beef. To be regarded as 薩摩牛/Satsuma, they also have to meet many strict criteria. That is why this beef is called “4% of miracle beef”.

We ordered Yakiniku Lunch set, which included rice, miso soup, salad, Steamed egg custard(茶碗蒸し/Chawanmushi), and other small plates. In addition to this, as a main dish, we can order beef depending on the grade of set we choose.

I personally like Top Gooseneck Round since it was a high quality marbled beef. The balance between fatness and freshness was amazing. Once I had it, the beef started to melt in my mouth. It was not too oily, which is the most important thing for beef.

I also want to mention pork. Actually the set we chose includes pork as well and 鹿児島/Kagoshima is the most famous place for pork (even more than beef actually). We had Kirishima Kurobuta’s belly and collar. 霧島黒豚/Kirishima Kurobuta is also one of the most popular pork brand in Japan and well known for its softness and a kind of sweetness of fat. This one is also what you should try at this restaurant.

Lastly, what I should not forget to mention is their private brand of Sake. The grade is 純米吟醸/Junmaiginjo and the taste was really typical 純米/Junmai. You really can feel the rice taste. If you keep this sake in your mouth for a few seconds and breathe through your nose, the rich rice flavor will slip into your nose which leaves you a decent feeling.

When you leave this restaurant, you also can see pictures of farmers at the entrance. You can know what kind of people make an effort to provide good quality food to your table. I really like this point since I feel like we can help and support each other for a better life.

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