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Beefar’s - 4% of the miracle beef

The tag line “4% of miracle beef” attracted me and my other co-founder, and we decided to have this miracle beef at Beefar’s in TST. The beef this restaurant provides comes from 鹿児島/Kagoshima, which is known as the second most southern prefecture. The beef is called  薩摩牛/Satsuma Gyu, which is getting popular among beef lovers in JP...

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Kageno Tori - The JP restaurant founded by Mirror & Error members

I came from Japan, but I know how popular Mirror in Hong Kong nowadays. I also personally like Fat boy from Error actually. Then, suddenly I heard that there was a restaurant founded by AK & Jer from Mirror and my idol, Fat boy. Moreover, it is a Japanese restaurant that has their original Sake, so I could not stop myself from going there and trying it...

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The Sakes you must know among 10K of market choices

Written by Yuta Shirahata 白幡雄大   Japan has so many Sake manufactures and more than 10,000 kinds of Sake, which might confuse you. Do not worry. Even Japanese people do not know so many of them. But actually among thousands of Sake, there are ones that Japanese Sake lovers would typically choose.      Kubota/久保田 This is a typical dry type of Sake from Niigata. There are several grades and the best one, Manju/萬壽 is amazing. Niigata is known as the best rice place in Japan. Kubota/久保田 is made only of local rice, which makes the clear taste and it is good to drink at normal temperature or after making it cold.   Hakkaisan/八海山 This is also an authentic dry type of...

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Best Sake temperature: Hot or Cold?

If you want to enjoy sake more, temperature is one of the key factors you need to consider. As you might know, there is hot sake & cold sake as a category. Actually, there is normal temperature sake as well. Also, we can separate each category into more detailed ones, but I will talk about only hot & cold Sake in this article to make it simple...

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